Shake The Dreamer

Online Portfolio for Director/Producer Angelo Agojo from Manila, the Philippines who is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Love Storm

Introverted music major Austin is secretly a superhero named “The Storm Maestro”, who uses his voice to magically transform to his alter-ego. His powers  gives him all access to the elements of air and weather control – from rainfall to lightning, hailstorms and snow. Austin has one weakness: Meghan, a girl he has liked for the longest time. She rejects his admiration, and he finds himself in a downward spiral. In frustration, he loses his voice rendering him unable to save the city. Natalie, his childhood friend who secretly likes him and is the only one who knows his secret, does her best to help Austin. Will he be able to get past this predicament and ultimately fulfill his destiny as The Storm Maestro? 

CURRENTLY IN PRE-PRODUCTION Writer/Director/Producer: Angelo Agojo

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