Shake The Dreamer

Online Portfolio for Director/Producer Angelo Agojo from Manila, the Philippines who is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

A sitcom about a young entrepreneur in the medical marijuana industry.

Alex Basinger is a young marijuana grower living in Los Angeles who is in the midst of a struggle to find a full time, reliable growing partner to help him and his stoner friend Herman Shaftsbury (who he pays two ounces a month) grow for dispensaries. After interviewing a number of weird people who responded to his Craigslist ad, he eventually meets William Delzores, a fellow marijuana grower from New York City who moved to LA after his apartment was raided by the police. They get on well and William gets the job, sparking the beginning of a new friendship and partnership. A relatively lighthearted, witty pilot about weed culture, living in Los Angeles and the business of getting stoned.

Producer: Angelo Agojo

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